Quick Order via PayPal

Users who have purchased an annual license before July 2009 may prolong their licenses as described below. New users have to contact Gamry Instruments if they are interested in purchasing a DigiElch license.

  1. Activate the PayPal Add to Cart buttons in the following way:
          - if you want to prolong an expired license:  enter the Product Key of the installation for which the license prolongation is required and press Continue.
          - if you want to purchase a license for an Extension Module:  enter the Product Key of the activated program and press Continue

            Product Key  

  2. Press the PayPal Add to Cart button associated with the license type you want to purchase. (Use Continue Shopping on the appearing page if you want to purchase more than one item)


  License Type: CV - Basic Module Price PayPal
  Standard, 1-year single user    45,- €
  Professional, 1-year single user 59,- €
  CV = Cyclic Voltammetry    
  License Type: Extension Module Module Price PayPal
  1-year single user    CA 19,- €
  1-year single user SW 19,- €
1-year single user IMP 19,- €
CA = Chrono-Amperometry,
SW = Square-Wave Voltammetry, IMP = Impedance Spectrometry



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