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Tabbed Window: C-Profiles

Tabbed Window: C-Profiles

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Tabbed Window: C-Profiles

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Ribbon Bar: Menu Commands


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<%EXTOGGLE%>Command Group: Active Simulation


Command: Edit
Edit the simulation parameters associated with the active simulation.



Command: Run
Runs a C-Profiles simulation using the default fixed-grid simulator.

Command: Adaptive Grid Simulator
Runs a C-Profiles simulation using the adaptive-grid simulator.



Command: Pause
Pauses or continues the currently running C-Profiles simulation.

Command: Break
Breaks  the currently running C-Profiles simulation.


File Command: Export
Exports the C-Profiles simulated for the active simulation.


<%EXTOGGLE%>Command Group: Display


Command: Zoom
Zooms the screen display by pressing down the left mouse button and draw a rectangle around the region which is to be zoomed. The zoom command can be repeatedly applied.

Command: Unzoom
Undo the zoom command.

Command: Refresh Screen
Redraws the screen display.

<%EXTOGGLE%>Summary: Play Movie


Showing concentration profiles for a completed simulation

Running the Adaptive Grid Simulator to get smooth concentration profiles

Adjusting the speed with which the concentration profiles are drawn

Setting a break-point to pause the drawing of the concentration profiles at a predefined potential

Exporting concentration profiles referring to the potential value where the simulation was paused

Exporting surface concentration simulated before the simulation was paused

Changing the default color with which the concentration profile of a particular species is plotted